Herve Lebreton (Oil/Canvas)

Herve Lebreton
Oil on canvas
12″ X 10″
Colorful Fruits


Herve Lebreton is a Haitian-born artist who is widely regarded for his contributions to the world of painting. Born in Port-au-Prince on March 27, 1941, Lebreton began studying fine arts and painting at the age of nine, and continued his training at various institutions such as the School of Arts of Port-au-Prince, the ABC school in Paris, and the Bellas Artes in Santiago, Chile. Through these experiences, Lebreton developed a unique artistic style, which is often defined as Neo or para-surrealist with a reigning idyllic quality.

Lebreton’s paintings have been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions across the world. His work has been featured in major collections such as the Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo, the Museum of Fine Arts in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, and the National Museum of the Pantheon in Haiti. Furthermore, his paintings are present in numerous private collections in Europe, the United States, Central, and South America.

Critics have described Lebreton’s artwork as dream-like, with an undeniable virtuosity. In his book Peintres Haitiens, art critic and author Gerald Alexis notes that Lebreton’s paintings demonstrate his unique ability to create images that are both imaginative and strikingly realistic.

Aside from his contributions to the world of painting, Lebreton is also a multitalented artist who has pursued various other artistic pursuits, including dance, music, and singing. He has lived in Chile and Venezuela, touring virtually all of South America. Lebreton’s linguistic abilities are also noteworthy, as he speaks French and Spanish fluently.

Since 1970, Lebreton has lived in Quebec, where he continues to create captivating paintings that have earned him a prominent place in the art world. His paintings are represented in several important collections, and his impact on the art world continues to be felt today.

In conclusion, Hervé Lebreton is a talented and accomplished artist whose contributions to the world of painting have earned him critical acclaim and worldwide recognition. Through his work, Lebreton has demonstrated a unique ability to create dream-like images that are both imaginative and strikingly realistic. His multitalented abilities, including his skills in dance, music, and singing, and his linguistic fluency in French and Spanish have further enhanced his reputation as a true renaissance artist. His presence in the art world continues to be felt today, as his paintings continue to captivate audiences around the world.

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