Jean Claude Legagneur “Francesco Clemente”


Francesco Clemente Portrait
Jean Claude Legagneur
50″ x 40″
Acrylic on canvas


Jean Claude Legagneur is a prominent Haitian painter with a predilection for figurative art. Throughout his career, he has created an extensive body of work that demonstrates a commitment to hard work and permanent effort. His canvases are characterized by their sweetness, harmony, serenity, and elegance, which are achieved through his expert use of color and technique.

Born in Port-au-Prince in 1947, Legagneur began his artistic career at an early age, studying painting and drawing at the National School of Arts in Haiti. He went on to study at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he developed his technique and gained exposure to the great masters of European painting.

Legagneur’s work is marked by his interest in human figures and their expressions. He has a particular talent for capturing the essence of his subjects, whether they are individuals or groups, and conveying their emotions and personalities through his art. In recent years, he has developed a new style of oversized portraits that combines elements of Impressionism, Pop Art, and Abstractionism.

One of Legagneur’s most significant achievements was the commission to create a 65-foot mural in JFK International Airport’s Terminal 9 in New York City. Titled “The Universal Party,” the mural is a celebration of diversity and human unity. Another major accomplishment was his 2004 collection “Faces of Freedom,” which explored the theme of independence through a series of portraits of Haitian historical figures.

As a humanitarian, Jean Claude Legagneur is committed to using his art to help those in need. He donates paintings annually to support charitable causes in Haiti and has exhibited his work in galleries and museums around the world, including the MOCA Museum in Miami. Legagneur’s art continues to inspire and captivate audiences with its beauty, emotion, and profound humanism.

So far, all of my art is special to me because creation comes from messages received by the creator, that is why an artist cannot copy another one. My biggest accomplishments, I was commissioned to do the 65 feet Mural in JFK, New York, City, terminal 9, American Airlines. It is called “The Universal Party”, and my Collection of Independence “Faces of Freedom” that was created in 2004. I would be honored to exhibit this collection at Moca Museum , Miami and also show other important pieces of my private collection. As a humanitarian, I give paintings yearly to help the neediest of my beloved Haiti. It’s my way to thank the Almighty for the precious gift of Painting.

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