Louverture Poisson {Haitian artist b.1914}


Louverture Poisson
Ceremony Scene
20″ X 16″
Oil on Canvas
Circa 1950’s



Louverture Poisson was a prominent Haitian artist known for his intricate and animated compositions that captured the essence of his environment. Born in Les Cayes on September 14, 1914, Poisson’s journey as an artist began when he enlisted in the Haitian Air Force in 1942 and later joined the Centre d’Art in 1945. Throughout his artistic career, Poisson demonstrated a remarkable ability to depict light, which became a continuous theme in his varied body of work. This essay aims to explore the life, artistic style, and contributions of Louverture Poisson to Haitian art.

Early Life and Career:

Louverture Poisson’s early life in Les Cayes provided him with a unique perspective on the rural scenes and intimate interiors that would later become a prominent feature in his art. In 1942, he made his way to Port-au-Prince with a goal to enlist in the Haitian Air Force, serving as an airplane mechanic. While his military experience was notable, it was not what fueled his passion for art and history.

Poisson’s Artistic Style:

Upon joining the Centre d’Art in 1945, Poisson’s artistic journey took a significant turn. At the beginning of his career, he utilized common house enamel, a challenging medium, to create his works. This early experimentation with enamel allowed him to develop a distinctive style characterized by meticulous attention to detail and a vibrant palette.

One of Poisson’s early masterpieces, “Toilette Paysanne,” depicted a common rural scene of a bare-breasted woman fixing her hair in front of a mirror. This painting inspired many other artists to explore their own talents, making it evident that Poisson possessed a unique ability to capture the essence of everyday life in Haiti.

The Influence of History:

Although history was not the primary focus of his work, Poisson did incorporate historical themes into some of his compositions. However, the narrative in these paintings lacked sentimental affection, serving more as a pretext to create elaborate and captivating scenes. His historical pieces were often overshadowed by the meticulous formal aspects, emphasizing the importance of technique and composition in his art.

Obsession with Light:

One of the defining features of Poisson’s art was his continuous obsession with depicting light. He skillfully used light and shadow to create depth and atmosphere in his compositions. Whether painting intimate interiors or peaceful rural landscapes, Poisson’s adeptness at portraying light brought a sense of life and vitality to his works.

Pilgrimage towards Perfection:

Throughout his career, Louverture Poisson embarked on a journey towards perfection in his art. He constantly sought to refine his techniques, and his devotion to his craft was evident in the diversity of his works. From intimate interiors to historical scenes, Poisson’s art encompassed a wide range of subjects, each meticulously executed with a keen eye for detail.


Louverture Poisson was a significant figure in Haitian art, whose contributions continue to be celebrated. Born in Les Cayes in 1914, he later enlisted in the Haitian Air Force before joining the Centre d’Art in 1945. His artistic style, characterized by an obsession with light and a meticulous approach to composition, captured the essence of his environment and everyday life in Haiti.

Though history played a secondary role in his works, Poisson’s exploration of historical themes added depth to his already diverse portfolio. His journey towards perfection in art allowed him to create elaborate and animated compositions that continue to inspire aspiring artists. Louverture Poisson’s legacy lives on in the vibrant and diverse Haitian art scene, a testament to his lasting impact on the country’s artistic heritage.

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Louverture Poisson


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