Luckner Lazard “Five Boats”

Luckner Lazard
“5 Boats”
Oil on Canvas
24″ X 20″


Born on July 7,1928, Lazard joined the “Centre d’Art” in 1944 where he studied painting and sculpture under Dewitt Peters, Borno and Mangones. He exhibitedin 1945 in Havana, Cuba and also participated in 1946 at the group exhibit held by “Unesco” at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. He left the “Centre d’Art” in 1950 and helped Cedor, Price etc in establishing the “Hall of Plastic Arts.” A year later, in 1951, he won a scholarship and moved to Paris. In 1953, he moved back to Haiti. In 1956, he moved to Mexico where he met the great “Diego Riviera” and Tamayo. Luckner is also the founder of the “Brochette” Gallery with Dieudonne Cedor, Nehemy Jean and Roland Dorcely. He emigrated to the USA in 1967. Luckner Lazard has exhibited in Spain, Mexico, Germany, USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, Cuba, Brazil, the Virgin Islands etc. He was beyond dispute one of the leaders in Haitian modern painting. Luckner Lazard died in 1997

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 24 × 5 in


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