Paul Beauvoir Painting “Village in Blue”

Paul Beauvoir
“Village in Blue”
30″ X 24″
Oil on Canvas


Paul Beauvoir was a prominent Haitian artist who played a pivotal role in the evolution of modern Haitian painting. Born in 1932, he grew up in an artistic environment, where he was heavily influenced by his mother’s professional hand embroidery. This early exposure to the world of art sparked his interest in painting, which he pursued with great passion and dedication.

Beauvoir’s style is best described as impressionistic, characterized by definite demarcation lines with backgrounds of yellow color. His works are also known for their bold use of colors, with orange and blue often predominate. His paintings are studies of color, capturing the essence of the Haitian landscape, its people, and its culture.

Throughout his career, Beauvoir played a significant role in the development of modern Haitian painting. He was a product of the Centre d’Art and later the Foyer des Arts Plastiques, institutions that provided a nurturing environment for young artists to develop their craft. These organizations helped shape Beauvoir’s artistic style and contributed to his success as an artist.

Beauvoir’s contribution to the art world cannot be understated. He has left an indelible mark on Haitian painting, and his legacy lives on through his paintings. His works can be found in numerous private collections and museums worldwide, where they continue to inspire and captivate viewers with their bold use of color and unique style.

In conclusion, Paul Beauvoir was a remarkable Haitian artist whose impressionistic style and bold use of color made him a prominent figure in the evolution of modern Haitian painting. Despite the overproduction of his works, Beauvoir’s legacy lives on through his paintings, which continue to inspire and captivate art lovers worldwide.

Original Haitian art painting for collecting and home or office decoration.

Signed:  Paul Beauvoir

Subject: Village in Blue

Size: 24″ X 30″

Oil on Canvas

Physical Condition: Good

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 5 in


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